I want to BUY
I want to RENT


Hi Amber, 


Thanks SOOOOO much for your help with this one.


You’re the best!

Justin, 4 Holmes Street, Stratford

Hi, Amber


Thank you for all your support and attention! You have been a great help.


Thank you.



Angelica , 9 178 McLeod Street, Cairns, QLD, 4870

Hi Nicola,


Thank you for looking after me and doing such a great job at letting the unit.


Hope you are having a great day.



Narelle, 87 Earl Street, Westcourt, QLD, 4870

Hi Christine


Both Brendan and myself are extremely happy with the service provided by the Property Shop.

Thanks again.




Mandy, 35 Anne Street, Smithfield, QLD, 4878

Hello Nicola,


Thank you for the update, we are pleased to have appointed you instead of Professionals.


We always held the view that you go with the person/business who serves in your best interest.


Please continue to do the needful and we are at ease knowing that you are personally looking after our nest-egg.


Thanks and kind regards


Ramesh & Angila

Ramesh & Angila, 4/10 Macilwraith Street, Manoora

Hi Amber,


Thank you very much.

Your services is the best that I have ever experienced.

Greatly appreciated.




Trudy , 31 Lillipilli Street, Redlynch, QLD, 4870

Hi Amber,


You are a legend. I hope your boss realises how efficient you are.


I get so much better service than I got from Professionals.

Lindy, 2/24 Old Smithfield Road, Freshwater, QLD, 4870

Hi Amber 


Just like to say thanks for all the service you have give me. You have been impeccable all ways fixing any problems and acting quick.

You are an asset to the company and will go far.

Ive had a few asset mangers over the years and you have far been the best


Take care.  Good luck for the future


Kind regards Craig

Craig, 11 Golf Street, Yorkeys Knob, QLD, 4878

Hi Julie,


Thanks for your prompt assistance, we really appreciate this flexibility and going above and beyond for your customers.


Thank you all once again and have a great day.


Kind Regards,


Chintan & Charul

Chintan, 6 Carter Close, Smithfield, QLD, 4870

Hey Christine,


Property shop service rocks! I am glad to have chosen you in the beginning!


Thank you Julie and your great team of dedicated leaders! Congratulations!


Boio , 7 Keita Close, Trinity Beach, QLD, 4879

Hi Christine,


I have been dealing with Amber


She has also been outstanding.


I can`t praise her highly enough for her efficiency and manner.


Its people and service like she is delivering that make it easy to stay with your company 


Thanks Simon.

Simon, 8 McGuane Close, Brinsmead, QLD, 4870



I am very happy with the service provided by Amber.


Thanks & regards



John, 17 112 Sheridan Street, Cairns, QLD, 4870


Thank you so much, your professionalism and dedication can’t be beaten.

You are the best!

Boio, 7 Kieta Close, Trinity Beach, QLD, 4879


We are very happy with Amber's friendly service and commitment to our rental property.

Amber has dealt with any concerns we have had promptly and honestly.

Which we deffently appreciate.

Kind Regards

Teresa n Wayne 

Teresa, 6 Yara Street, Bayview Heights, QLD, 4870

Hi Amber


Thank you. Congrats on your successful learning on the Real Estate. " Senior Asset Manager " now. Keep good work!





Diana, 52 Marina Quay, Trinity Park, QLD, 4879

Hi Amber,


Thank you for your detailed explanation. Much appreciated. And for your thorough work. 


Warm regards,



Connie, 3 Ormond Close, Gordonvale, QLD, 4868

Hi Amber,


Hope you had a great at weekend.


Thank you so much for looking after all these things, you’re fantastic! 


Much appreciated,



Suzan, 22 40 Old Smithfield Road, Freshwater

Hi Sally,


Thanks for that! You're service is always awesome!



Rod, 75 Callam Street, Mooroobool, QLD, 4870

Hi Julie,


Just wanted to pass on that Sally has provided extremely good service, by far the best manager I have had for my unit of all the agents who have looked after it.



Lucas, 12 211, Lake Street, Cairns North, QLD, 4870



Thank you so much for your lovely email.


You have been a breath of fresh air. I have very much appreciated your company's professionalism and attention to detail.  Rest assured, you will always be my first stop for management. Amber has done a wonderful job. You must be very proud of her.


I'll keep in touch.


Kind regards



Jane, 12 Cabarita Street, Kewarra Beach, QLD, 4879