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Alexander Miley

Alexander Miley

Trainee Real Estate Agent


Phone: (07) 4040 2030
Fax: (07) 4040 2032


Property Shop Cairns proudly introduces Alexander Miley as an experienced member of our team.

Prior to beginning his employment at Property Shop Cairns, Alex was employed as a backend interface coder for Bitcoin Cash in which he was tasked with learning multiple coding languages. He assisted a highly intelligent team of coders in an exceptionally progressive field and remains to be the only employee in the company’s history to be employed without a University degree.

Before he was tasked with taking on the world of Cryptocurrency he was employed by a modern-day media and communications holding company as a senior marketer; predominately utilising Facebook and Google ads to generate six figure revenues.

With these newly found marketing abilities that Alexander acquired, he embarked on the task of opening his own business in which he distributed goods from China, worldwide.

Before his stint in the marketing industry, Alexander often indulged in the lucrative business of buying and shorting the stock market and to this day has seen highly profitable returns from his share portfolio.

Alongside Alexander’s previous endeavours, he has always had a strong passion for real estate that can be attributed to his parents. During his childhood he was exposed to the possibility to generate capital gains through renovation as well as the development of passive streams of rental income. This can be attributed to his earliest job, where he worked for his father’s construction company.

This passion for real estate has engrossed Alexander with the desire to further build his real estate portfolio in the coming years.

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