From under the hammer to new scanner for men's health
Auctioneer Lance Richards drums up bids at a charity auction at Millhouse Estate.

The mountainous backdrop framing the skyline behind Edmonton
was stunning, the auction bidding was intense and the outcome for men's health
in Cairns was remarkable. A charity event by the team at Urban Properties
today, which featured a no-reserve auction on a prime block of land at their
Millhouse Estate development on Isabella Road, has raised vital funds for men's
cancer facilities at Cairns Hospital.An estimated $20,000 will now flow to the
FNQ Hospital Foundation to help fund vital prostate cancer detection
equipment.James and Rachel Fennell from Urban Properties launched the charity
auction after their personal battle with non-Hodgkin lymphoma five years ago.
"One of the reasons we decided to do this is that the construction industry
has a large male workforce and they sometimes don't get the same attention in
terms of health awareness and the guys often don't look after their health as
well as they should. "I also saw some statistics that showed more men die
of prostate cancer than women die of breast cancer in Australia, but the
profile and awareness between the two was very different. "So we thought
it would be great to start a new initiative for male health in Far North
Queensland.  "This was not going to be one of those auctions where
you don't get a result and everyone walks away disappointed. This block was
going to be sold today and we're thrilled with the result. "With the
success of today's event we will now look towards next year, grab some other
builders and people involved, maybe look at auctioning off a house. "The
couple who bought this block of land today will always have that memory that
they didn't just buy a block of land in a wonderful part of cairns, but they've
also helped the whole region with the boost to healthcare." FNQ Hospital
Foundation board member Desley Boyle thanked Urban Properties and other
partners in the initiative including Property Shop, Brandtree Creative and
auctioneer Lance Richards for their support of vital facilities at the
hospital. Ms Boyle said the estimated $20,000 donation would go towards
a Prostate Specific Membrane Antigen (PSMA) generator, which is used for
diagnosis, staging and monitoring. The machine is part of a plan by local
medical staff to limit the number of times they are forced to send male cancer
patients south to Townsville or Brisbane for diagnosis and treatment. Cairns
urologists who attended today's charity auction said they were working towards
the provision of world-class men's health services for local patients. "We
believe the men of Cairns and Far North Queensland are entitled to the same
level of care that men in Brisbane and Sydney have access to," one of the
urologists said. "We've got the personnel, we've got a great team of
urologists and oncologists, a wonderful prostate cancer nurse specialist and
now we're trying to put in more infrastructure so that men don't have to travel
to Brisbane, they can have their expert care right here."