To be in the market is to know the market....
what does this mean?

What a rollercoaster the last 2 months have been for each and everyone of us!  Each of us has our own personal situation and if you're a realist you know that there is still more to come.

A very wise real estate agent (my father) once said to me 'to be in the market it to know that market' He did share this anecdote with me prior to my real estate career and it really didn't make an impact on me then but it sure does now!

We purchased and settled on a property in the inner city Cairns area on the 18th March 2020 and less than a week later the world was put on pause due to Covid-19.

With time on my hands I ripped into another renovation - not the perfect timing with market and money taking a pause - however it did remind me again of the opportunities property offers in terms of building wealth. With the cosmetic renovation now complete the property has increased in value.

The point I am getting to is, there is money to be made on property in any just need to be actively looking and actually get into it. 

Want someone to talk to about the 'dirty details' and not just the 

before and after' shots? I'm that someone! I love hearing about other peoples experiences as well as sharing my 'lessons' (insert mistakes here!)