Your guide to what turns off a buyer
BEING positioned under a flight path, excessive road noise and the smell of indoor pets are among the top turn-offs when potential buyers househunt.

According to Cairns real estate expert Ray Murphy, knowing
what to avoid when putting a house on the market can make a big difference.

“Buyers can be
turned off by many things,” Mr Murphy said. “A lot of the time it is things
that are not apparent when you are looking online, like road noise, aircraft
flight paths and neighbouring properties. “But the biggest turn-offs are active
termite damage, large indoor dogs and houses that smell real bad.”

Venessa Paech at said clingy sellers, a
dirty property, clutter and not pinpointing a sale price or displaying an
address were also high on the list of ‘do nots’. “Price is often the first
thing buyers will look for when house hunting,” she said. “Budget is all
important for a buyer.

“It’s not always possible to pin down a finite dollar
figure, but if your property advertising doesn’t at least have a range listed,
it’s a top turn-off for buyers, who probably think they’re in for a nasty shock
(even if the home is reasonably priced).”

Ms Paech said
sellers should also avoid “lingering” during open homes and make the effort to
clean and de-clutter before an inspection. “Your home should shine as much as
it possibly can. “Setting up your place for sale can involved creating a set of
inviting smells. But it should also involve getting rid of the unappealing
ones. “Top of buyers turn-off lists are pet smells.

“Even if we love our own animals, we don’t really want to
smell other people’s, especially when it’s in an environment we’re trying to
imagine kicking back and relaxing in.”

Buyers also want and
deserve to know where their investment is located.

“Sometimes the
suburb alone isn’t enough; surrounding streets and amenities can often make or
break a sale. “Make sure your agent includes the full address you have
available so it’s easy for buyers to do their homework on your property.”

Mr Murphy said the property should also be able to be
accessed easily.“We have a saying easy access leads to an easier sale,” Mr
Murphy said. “Consider the three P’s of real estate – price, presentation and
promotion. “We have seen houses that have had a $500 clean literally sell for
$20,000 more.”